Parenting Moment: Potty Learning

Posted on September 8, 2014 : Posted in Early Child Care, Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips


My child is two, shouldn’t he start using the potty? Maybe yes and maybe no. It is amazing the amount of attention given to the developmental milestone of toilet learning.  So many parents are anxious to have their child out of diapers. How will you know when your child is ready?  When your child shows interest in the toilet, when their body is mature enough to recognize the signs of needing to use the toilet and when they successfully stay dry for longer periods of time and indicate to you that they would like to be changed, your child is ready to begin training.

When children are ready to learn they are much quicker to use the toilet independently. When we rush the process, we often frustrate the child causing the process to be stressful for everyone involved. 

If your child is ready, here are some tips: 
-Start with easy take off clothes, be prepared to show your child what to do,
-Use books about potty learning to reinforce the process.
-Make sure the potty chair you have chosen is just the right size, and relax. 
-Be supportive, consistent and patient. 
-Remember, potty learning is just one part of growing up. 

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