toddler safety

Tips for Toddler Safety at Home

Posted on October 31, 2018 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips

toddler safety

Toddlerhood is a time of exploration, discovery, and adventure. However, toddlers are typically far more adventurous than they are wise. This can lead to big messes and sometimes even danger. In fact, thousands of children are injured in home accidents every year. As you walk your child through this exciting developmental phase, here are some toddler safety tips to keep your home a haven for your little explorer.

Don’t Underestimate Your Little Genius

The famous last words of a toddler parent? “Oh, don’t worry, he can’t _____ yet.” Young children notoriously develop new skills overnight, so just because your son or daughter couldn’t open the door, climb the furniture, or reach the counter yesterday doesn’t mean they can’t today. Try to stay a developmental stage or two ahead of your child in your preparations. This way, when your child suddenly becomes much more capable, you’re prepared.

Brace Any Heavy Furniture to the Wall

It may seem impossible that your heavy dresser or bookshelf could fall on your tiny child, but don’t rely on furniture to stay upright. Always use extra “L bracket” or tethers to lend extra bracing to large furniture pieces. Also, remember to use this for all the large furniture in your home, not only in the room your child typically occupies. Many child injuries occur when a child strays into a room or area where they are not usually allowed.

Be Especially Vigilant in the Kitchen or Bathroom

Dangers multiply in spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Sharp instruments, like razors or knives, breakable items, household cleaners, hot surfaces, and other hazards abound. There are steps you can take to secure these rooms. Cabinet locks are available in many forms and help you lock up any dangerous tools or substances. Alternatively, you may choose to just put gates at the doorways of these rooms until your child can better understand boundaries.

Water Safety

No small child should be left alone, even for a moment, in or near water. This includes baths, showers, and pools (even baby pools!). While it may seem like a remote chance, it only takes 2 inches of water for a child to drown. Drowning is a silent event and would most likely not even draw attention without close supervision. If your home includes a pool, be sure to install a fence all the way around it with a minimum height of four feet. Also, if you visit a home with a pool, pay extra attention to your child’s whereabouts. It isn’t uncommon for a toddler to end up outside without a parent’s knowledge.

Don’t Replace Supervision with Gadgets

Ultimately, toddler safety is a matter of close attention from caregivers. It is important to give your child a “yes space” where they can play and spend time with minimal direction. However, there is no substitute for quality supervision from adults. For this reason, your child should be watched carefully throughout the day, and a capable, alert adult should be nearby at all times. Door locks, television, gates, and other baby proofing gadgets cannot guarantee your toddler’s safety.

Every parent wants to keep their children safe. This becomes particularly challenging when your children are toddlers and seem to look for opportunities to be mischievous or dangerous. By following these tips and observing your child throughout the day, you grant her the opportunity to explore without fear of injury. Are you looking for childcare that will offer your toddler the same protections without hampering her sense of adventure? Consider Legacy Academy Satellite, where our trained staff and child-friendly facilities allow every child to shine.