Bathtime games

Bathtime Games to Play with Your Child

Posted on January 24, 2019 : Posted in Legacy Academy, Parenting Tips
Bathtime games

Bathtime is a joyful time for most children. In fact, if you are dealing with a grumpy child, letting them play in water is frequently an almost magical solution. As a parent, however, you may be unsure of how to facilitate playtime in the bath. If you are looking for ways to make bathtime more exciting or interactive, here are some bathtime games you can add to your routine.

I Spy

This classic game has a beloved place in many hearts. While your small child may not completely understand the concept of I Spy, there are plenty of variations that will work for even very young children. For example, you can ask your child to find everything of a certain color or shape in the room. Or you can name a specific object and ask if he or she can point to it. Playing this game over time will both increase your child’s understanding of the game and improve their knowledge of colors, shapes, etc.

Scoop and Pour

While not an official game, it is difficult to find a child who does not love to scoop and pour water. Simply give your child an assortment of containers and utensils and let them go to work. Just be sure to choose plastic containers since glass could break! Some favorites include old spice jars with perforated lids, half gallon milk jugs, plastic salad dressing bottles, and condiment bottles. Ladles and sieves are also excellent tools to include in the fun. Your child will be mesmerized by the way water moves from place to place and will probably be hard to convince when bathtime games are over.

Pretend Chef

Playing pretend is an excellent way for a child to learn about her world. Pretend chef is a fun game for the bath and offers opportunities for you to connect with your child as well. You can use real kitchen tools or toys from a play kitchen set. Once your child is in the bath, encourage him to “cook” you whatever she can dream up! Stirring, pouring, and “serving” the food to you will keep her busy and encourage good motor skills and creativity.

Car Wash

While this title is clearly referring to vehicles, any waterproof items can get a good scrub in the tub. Small diecast cars are a fun toy to use for this because they fit in small hands and can also be used for “races” on the bathtub walls. Just give your child a washcloth and fill the bath with bubbles. Then encourage him to scrub away the dirt on his small vehicles.

Sink or Float

All of the bathtime games mentioned here are educational activities in some respect, but this one has a real scientific component to it. Before your child’s bath, find waterproof objects from around the house and bring them to the bathroom. Once your child is in the tub, begin asking her if she believes each item will sink or float. Perform experiments together to see if her predictions are correct. Then, work together to see if you can make floating objects sink and sinking objects float. Your child will be fascinated by the differing responses each item has to water and will probably be eager to try new and different items during her next bath.

Bathtime doesn’t have to mean lots of splashing and struggling to get a little one clean. In fact, if you plan it right, bathtime can be one of the most relaxing and cheerful times of the day. Next time you want to really make it special, try one of these bathtime games. It’s sure to be a big hit. Are you looking for childcare that prioritizes your child’s learning through games and hands-on experience? Look no further than Legacy Academy Satellite. Call or visit today for more information.